Quickly Uninstall Android Apps with Uninstaller

Uninstaller for Android



Mode of Use

Normally to uninstall an application you must go to Settings-> Applications-> Application Manager-> Select the application to uninstall and choose this option. Free Uninstaller is greatly simplified the process, even more if you leave a shortcut to the app on your desktop.

Opening Uninstaller will list all the applications you have installed on your mobile. Just playing in each and confirming the warning can quickly uninstall them with a single click. Further more, Uninstaller allows you to sort the applications by name, size or date of installation to find them more quickly and even has a search bar to further accelerate the process.

Additionally, it supports batch uninstall and shows not only the name of the application to download, but its version, size and the time it will take the uninstallation.

Download Uninstaller

Uninstaller is a free application which can be downloaded from Google Play and works on any phone with Android 1.5 or higher.