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Qualcomm Tips: How to protect your cell this summer holiday


Taking advantage of the holiday started, Qualcomm, a leader in mobile and wireless technology, wants to share with you some tips for protecting mobile phones in the summer, in order to keep our best friend technological protected during the summer holidays, from the beaches until soft sandy pools:

Tip 1: How to prevent the phone from overheating

The summer heat is good for our soul, but not for our devices. Thermal efficiency is an important concern regarding modern smart-phones and tablets.

Qualcomm engineers strive to ensure that devices remain fresh Snapdragon processors, while offering all the performance and functionality you expect in a smart-phone. Council to look after the mobile device: Keep your mobile out of direct sunlight-down beach towel and covered with it.


Tip 2: How to save a phone that dropped into water

Water and technology are a lethal combination. If your phone has come to fall in the pool or in the sea this summer, a quick fix is ​​to put it in a bowl of oatmeal or raw rice.

Tip 3: How to do more and charge less

When summer comes, spend much time away from home. The days begin and end at the beach on a free outdoor concert with no time to go to our house to charge the phone battery. Your day can be ruined if you run out of battery.

Qualcomm Snapdragon ™ BatteryGuru created a free Android app for Snapdragon devices using both software and hardware to extend the battery life.

The application works to learn the user behavior and modifying wisely smart-phone settings to minimize the activities without disabling functionality.


Tip 4: How to find a phone kidnapped

Losing your phone is a nightmare. Fortunately, most smart-phone operating systems offer integrated to track a lost phone.

All you have to do is spend a few minutes to set up your phone so you can find it in case of an emergency.

Find more information at the following links: (iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, Android-no Native service availability. However, try the free app Lookout)

Tip 5: How to prevent the phone from getting scratched

That smartphone from sliding of the hand is something that often happens. If we add the sunscreen, water and drinks, your smartphone is destined to fall and scratch this summer.

Add a solution of “scratch protection”. There are many low cost savers that you can place on the screen to protect your phone from scratches. Screen protectors can protect the screen of your smartphone against permanent damage caused by accidents.



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