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Protect your Android device with Cerberus

Cerberus is an application that will help us track the device in which it is installed and activated in case of loss or theft of the same, in principle an application that has a seven-day free trial and then cost about 2.99 euros and will serve you for a lifetime.

The license as I said is for life with one payment and is valid for use up to five different Android devices .

Cerberus is an application that does not require permits root to run correctly, but if we have some interesting options in their settings

Cerberus for Android Features

The first thing to say is that there is no foolproof application that ensures us to 100 x 100 if they steal our Android device you’re going to find, because if it is stolen or a person we understood the issue, with Rom change the firmware or have more than enough to defeat the security of this and other applications of style.

Cerberus is installed on our Android device in a stealthy manner, is that it works in a hidden way and we can find from the application drawer of our system

To access the application once downloaded and configured the first time, we enter the telephone dial and like if we were to make a phone call, dial the access password and then click on the call button.

Cerberus is responsible for tracking the terminal Android where it has been installed in a totally obscured, realize potential thieves, as it reports a loss or theft of the application terminal will:

Tracking Terminal inmmediato you connected to the Internet the same.
If the network connection fails, be disabled or turned off the terminal application still work via SMS to square the exact position of our device.
Hidden pictures every time someone enters an unlock code wrong terminal or a different pattern to which we on. (This is automatically activated in case of theft or misappropriation reported)
Skip silent alarm-in-law changes her SIM card with a considered unauthorized.
Pictures taken both by changing the SIM by an unauthorized, or made ​​in attempts to unlock the terminal, we immediately sent by email.

Download – Cerberus for Android trial version valid for seven days

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