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Paranoid Android: new website and new updates OTA

Paranoid Android: new website and new updates OTA

In these last hours the team Paranoid Android announced to all the fans the opening of the new official website, or . Obviously within the new site will be able to find the latest release of the famous and ROM in the appropriate section of the same name, as well as the gapps to accompany the installation of the ROM. In addition, the news does not end here, and the team prepares to integrate a new service update OTA ROMs. 

In the latest release of the ROM team has integrated the new automatic update service via OTA without having to download the ROM from the web and then flash it from recovery. Obviously the system is still under development but it certainly will integrate very welcome by the users.

In the future, the service could also be extended to delta updates, or only to portions of code change that would save much time and space users.

In the last release 3.68 are a lot of improvements to the services offered by the ROM and not only that, there is also a full-bodied changelog for the new notification system HALO :

  • speech bubbles make way when you finish a task, your thumb will not cover them
  • Correctly displays icons, some were displayed too large before
  • Comes with a first-run tutorial for new users
  • new icon set, closer to Google’s Holo
  • new animations, for now the batch number makes a flip
  • HALO is scalable, meaning you can define sizes
  • Low level floating bugs fixed for closing apps (WeChat, …)
  • Tap outside overlay to exit app (complete exit)  use  back  button to go back
  • Should now be Able to attach pictures in overlay windows (whatsapp, hangout, mms … etc)
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