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Panda Mobile Security, effective protection for your Android device

While constantly attempting Android devices receive less attacks, it is true that to avoid problems it is best to have an antivirus such as Panda Mobile Security . This can be sure of the integrity of new phone and tablet and also without the performance will suffer.

It is true that there are already a number of programs of this type on the market, but this is still in beta has some peculiarities that make it different and, in turn, recommended. Perhaps the best example of this is that it consumes system resources are not very high, which allows terminal operation is not affected. The RAM space used is 29 MB , which is not much to offer protection and real-time online. Also, phones and tablets increasingly include more of memory, so there is not much problem with this. At least, what we found is that in models as a Motorola RAZR Maxx or in a Galaxy S3, there is no problem. In addition, the discharge is not very large and occupies only 2.38 MB installer.

Home of Panda Security Mobile

 Quick scan in Panda Security Mobile

In regard to the installation, once the download from Play Store (at this link ), the process is common in Android devices.Therefore, there is no difficulty. Moreover, as is still a beta (but fully stable and functional), at least for the moment there is no charge and the protection is activated from the first moment the application is running.

Complete analysis of Panda Security Mobile  List of actions Panda Security Mobile

Since it can not be otherwise, since it is an application developed by a Spanish company, this language is present, which greatly helps when using it. In addition, the interface is very clear and functional, with large information spaces with one side sliding (left and hidden once you have chosen the option you want to use) in which all options are specific to Panda Mobile Security. Therefore enables cleaning the screen and easy handling.

Side options in Panda Security Mobile  Resource Consumption Panda Security Mobile

In regard to finding threats, there are two options to perform in regard to the analysis of the device (each with its respective shortcut button). The first is called the Fast , which examines the files that are more susceptible to potential viruses or malware contend, and the second possibility is Full . Here, apart from performing the above discussion also analyzes all the files in your Android device, so extensively known by Panda Mobile Security if any problems. Additionally, each time you copy or download a file, verifying their integrity is examined and if it can be dangerous (this is what is called Real-time protection). This means that with this virus can be fairly confident about the threats … and also is updated constantly, both in performance and signatures of viruses or threats.

Other possibilities Panda Mobile Security

But not only includes protection against threats in this application. Also includes some features that make it more complete and useful. Perhaps the most notable is the so-called privacy Auditor . This shows a list (with icons identifying) the permissions of each of the programs that are installed on your computer, which is always helpful for the user to have control of what happens in your device. Also, you may check if there is any application that exceeds its “powers” and, if so, Panda Mobile Security allows clicking on the trash removal. The truth is that this is a great possibility and a success.

List of processes Panda Security Mobile Permissions detected in Panda Security Mobile

Also included is a section where you can see the processes that are running on the Android terminal. The interesting thing about this is that it provides the ability to “kill” the unnecessary and consume RAM to improve performance of the terminal . As its Panda Mobile Security discerning which can be stopped, avoiding those that are specific to the system and, moreover, it is possible to list them by type of resource consumption-it is certain that there is no problem when clicking on the the cross button to the right to complete the chosen. Thus, the listing processes is a suitable tool for day to day and the proper management of the resources of the phone or tablet.

Resource consumption in Panda Security Mobile Application Options Panda Security Mobile

Finally there are two small but important points. The first is the setting , which sets some parameters (not many, really) of how you want to run Panda Mobile Security, for example if you make only downloads updates via WiFi. The second section is exclusions , which may indicate applications or processes that are not under the control of the security suite … it is always interesting when using beta versions or creations, for instance.

In short, Panda Mobile Security is a very complete application that works perfectly … but is still in beta (version 0.9.1). It does not require many resources, is very efficient, it is not intrusive and also costs absolutely nothing . Give it a try is a great idea and something recommended. It is safest to let it be installed to your Android device much more secure, which is always good. A great job from this company, no doubt. Link for Mobile Security Panda Play Store .

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