By | Friday, Jul 19 2013 11:27AM

The autonomy of smartphones remains a major concern for mobile users, at the time of the day is often a difficult step course. But there are solutions to meditate, including the hull, dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S4 , and protects the device while providing him an extra battery.


15 hours of extra talk time, anyone? This is what promises Offgrid accessory designed by Incipio brand to the Galaxy S4 . The idea is simple, as it is to bring together in a single accessory a 3100 mAh battery and a hard protective shell covering the back of the smartphone and its edges, like a bumper. Obviously, the fact that it includes a battery, the case is relatively thick, but rather advantageous: the rear part is connected to the USB port of the micro S4, and has an activation button that allows the owner to determine when the smartphone he wants to use this additional power source. LEDs are used for both charging and indicator remaining in the battery. All measure 8.38 mm thick for about 85 grams .

With this type of accessory, running the fine terminals where Samsung is placed in a good position does seem pointless, but do not forget that when hiking, weekend or just for smartphone addicts, 3100 mAh represent equivalent to a full charge of S4, and even a little more (the smartphone comes with a battery of 2600 mAh). All for a price of $ 89.99 on the site Incipio who book abroad. For now, the Offgrid just announced is not yet in stock, the brand offers preorders for delivery in about three weeks.