Nvidia Shield: Releases Coming Soon with price $ 349


The portable game console announced by Nvidia him last January and which is based on the platform of Android, is ready to start its commercial disposal priced at $ 349 and named Nvidia Shield.
Last January, the Nvidia surprised at the presentation of new products when it announced a completely different product Project Shield which resembles Gaming Controller except that incorporates touch screen 5-inch and you can play the majority of android games and builds a in version 4.1.2 Jelly Bean . Inside we find the brand new Tegra 4 with 2GB RAM, capable enough technical features to replicate all Android games not only screen Shield which features a resolution of 720p, but in much larger screens via port mini HDMI. The Shield is limited to Android games since it’s possible to play games via streaming from your PC to the console screen using very sophisticated game long as it has a GeForce graphics card. Verge The site managed to have a detailed contact with the portable game console and not behind a window as in our case, and indicate minor design changes to the final version while most of the Shield capacity is 16 GB and not 32 GB . The Nvidia says no change in the autonomy of the device which will last 4-5 hours in the worst conditions (full brightness, active WiFi, 10-12 hours via PC streaming and 20 hours video playback. Aside from games, the Shield will you also run Android apps although there are small compatibility problems with some of them. The release is expected in the summer with gift games Sonic 4 Episode II, and Expendable: Rearmed and you can pre-order now with price $ 349 through the website NVIDIA