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Non-contact gestures of Galaxy S4 for any Android Phone

We suggest to check on a possible application Air Swiper, which is a simple utility for Android-based devices that have a proximity sensor, because it is its ability to be used for non-contact device management.

Non-contact gestures in the style of Galaxy S4 for any smartphone

By the way, if your smartphone is not root-right, do not just get upset because the application works fine and not to rutovannom device. The only thing to consider when installing the Air Swiper – utility should be on the list of administrators in the menu settings (Security / administrators of the device).

Air Swiper application is very easy to manage. Immediately after installation and first-run Air Swiper offer a hand to bring the smartphone to test the proximity sensor. Now you get to choose features and functions to be controlled by gestures.

So you can control the following options:

  • 1. SMS controls – control SMS messaging.
    • Mode Turn on Screen on SMS screen itself will automatically turn on if it’s a new SMS message.
    • Mode Open SMS by motion, you can read messages using a gesture – to bring his hand or hold her hand above the screen.
  • 2. Locking and unlocking the device – unlock / lock the device’s screen.
    • Mode Turn on screen by motion, you can include a screen with a gesture.
    • Disable Lockscreen mode you can use gestures to disable the lock screen when you turn on the screen.
    • mode Turn off screen by motion, you can turn off the screen with the help of two gestures.
    Non-contact gestures in the style of Galaxy S4 for any smartphone
  • 3. Sound controls – control sound settings.
    • Mode Sound OFF, ON movement you can enable or disable the sound when approaching the hands of the Proximity Sensor.
  • 4. Managing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.
    You can use a gesture to activate the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modes. To enable Bluetooth to 3 times to run your hand over the screen Android-based device. Wi-Fi is included after the five-time gesture.

Now you can get a free gesture commands, which was previously only Galaxy S4. You can manually check the Air Swiper and download it from Google Play Market at this link: download Air Swiper . 


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