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Nokia Lumia Tuenti adds chat groups

Tuenti Tuenti windows phone Nokia Lumia adds chat groups

Tuenti features for Nokia Lumia:

  • Tuenti is a FREE CHAT APPLICATION communicate with your contacts, family or friends privately and securely.
  • Tuenti is MULTIPLATFORM. No matter if your friends or contacts are connected from a smartphone or computer, you will always be contacted through encryption system.
  • Tuenti is SOCIAL. You can import all the contacts in your address book and decide what kind of relationship you have with them. The category of Contact allows you to send free messages and chat in real time with that person whenever you want, but without sharing any content. Friend’s relationship, which must be mutual, lets you share photos with that person.
  • Tuenti is SIMPLE. Its design is intuitive and adapts to each platform iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or web environment. Furthermore, only incorporates tools for communication.
  • Tuenti is SAFE. All communications are encrypted. Furthermore, your information is stored in the cloud, so even if you lose the phone is always available.
  • Tuenti is PRIVATE. Your personal information is only visible to people you trust, your friends. No search engine indexes the information so that you maintain control over who has access to your information.

Nokia Lumia

Tuenti has three screens, Chat , with which we chaterar with our contacts and learn more about them, moments , the place to see our times and those of our friends, and finally you , where we can see and add our moments.
Tuenti for Nokia Lumia is available free on the Windows Phoen Store.

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