Nokia Lumia MapQuest, an excellent alternative GPS

MapQuest for Nokia Lumia, only for devices Windows Phone 8, is a new alternative to take into account when navigating by GPS. With a very clean and elegant design, make that the ease of use and functionality of the application we invited to use it easily.

MapQuest for Nokia Lumia is capable of showing the traffic conditions in real time, calculate routes and guided with spoken instructions. In addition, thanks to layers of MapQuest map function, we can easily find restaurants, hotels, petrol stations and much more.

MapQuest features for Nokia Lumia:

Guide by voice, turn-by-turn indications GPS
Reliable directions using MapQuest proprietary routing technology
Easily find restaurants, hotels, petrol stations and many more thanks to the innovative function of layers of MapQuest map
Traffic conditions in real time updated every 5 minutes
Quick access to recent searches and favorite locations
Driving or walking directions will provide the optimal path for your needs
Clean and stylish design makes it easy to get the information you need quickly
MapQuest for Nokia Lumia is available for free on Windows Phone Store