Nokia Lumia Blink updated to version 2.0

Blink for Nokia Lumia , only for devices with Windows Phone 8 , was just updated to version 2.0 , with a lot of new data about the camera settings, animations, mode share, and more.

Blink for Nokia Lumia is the latest photo application published by Microsoft Research, which with a single shot can take the perfect shot almost certainly capable of achieving 8 photos before you press the shutter and another 8 pictures later. And thanks to advanced image stabilization technology that Microsoft Research has built, will remove the potential movement of the camera, capturing a sharper image and perfect.

As already discussed, Blink Nokia Lumia is capable of taking 16 photos, which we can choose the ones we like, even if the application has a small drawback, and that is their maximum capture resolution of 800 x 488 pixels , expect the size can be increased in future updates.

Nokia Lumia Blink Changelog v2.0:

Camera settings – change camera settings such as scene mode, exposure, white balance and ISO in the capture mode.
Animation – Quickly set range of motion of the animation, in addition to selecting the best option after capture.
Sharing – Sharing animations, Facebook or Twitter.
Vision In-app – See the animations within the application.
Web Gallery – From the story within the application, see their shared blinks web gallery
Save another – His blinks always stored within the application. Go back and save another shot to your camera roll or change the range of the animation via “Edit” on the story within the application
Blink for Nokia Lumia is available free on Windows Phone Store.