NFC Ring, controls and shares everything from your hand

The NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless technology that allows us to automate tasks and transmit information over a short distance between each preprogrammed labels and a device equipped with such technology.  Now we have spoken  at different times of the endless possibilities it can offer the NFC, but today we present a small project that has been launched on Kickstarter , the NFC Ring.

As the name suggests, it is a ring that incorporates NFC technology inside and to perform daily tasks with only the hand nears the object. The NFC Ring has two labels inside a containing public information and another that will include private information.

Among its many uses are included, to unlock the phone or tablet without having to touch or enter codes or patterns, to open doors (incorporating NFC, of course), share our contact information as a business card, photos, websites , or any data you can think of with your friends devices because it includes an API Open Source with which you can create your own applications for the ring .Even you can configure the ring to launch applications on terminals with your default settings .Besides the application already exists with Google Play to access various services bringing the ring to Android devices, as we see in the following image of a test Alpha version of the NFC Ring.

The ring is made ​​of steel, but is available in various finishes and resistance to water. Does not include battery or anything like that , so no need to remove it to anything, do not ever load. If you are interested you can make a minimum contribution of $ 22 to  the Kickstarter project page , where you also find all the information of the ring with great detail. And if you see it in action, on the web  the-gadgeteer have already made ​​a first review of a prototype NFC Ring .

 McLear Ltd
 Requires Android 4.0 and higher
Version: 1.6