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New Leaked photos of the back of the iPhone Mini

Increasingly, we hear rumors that swirl around possible cheaper version of Apple’s smart-phone, the iPhone mini or iPhone Low Cost , including for example, the possibility that Apple will release a limited number of units at the time its release so check acceptance would the new device in the market and among users. But on the other hand, there are few occasions where photographs have been leaked of what could be the iPhone supposedly mini and now comes a new image of the back of the device.

As seen in the image that appears on these lines, it is, as we have said a few moments ago, in the back of the iPhone mini or low cost on a colored green quite striking, both the outside and the inside. Again, the fact that in the picture we see a color component seems to confirm that in the event you really get to see the light of low cost iPhone this might be available in various colors to choose from, as occurs in For some iPod ranges such as the latest generation of iPod touch , available in 5 colors, iPod Shuffle or iPod Nano , which are found in up to 7 different colors .

New Leaked photos of the back of the iPhone Mini
New Leaked photos of the back of the iPhone Mini

For the iPhone mini was available in the same colors that some components of the iPod family of these colors would be the classic black and silver, as well as blue, pink, yellow, red and finally green, which see in the picture.

Thanks to these leaked pictures we can get some idea of some other component that would carry the iPhone mini. In this case we see how the rear camera seem to be accompanied by a single flash LED and also see how it could also have a microphone in the rear, as occurs in the iPhone 5 . For the moment, we can only wait for his presentation, but in the meantime will remain vigilant to all information arising on the possible iPhone more affordable model.


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