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New firmware available for the Sony Xperia Z with excellent improvements


Very good news for owners of an Xperia Z, with the appearance yesterday at the Xperia Blog the news of the new update that was being awaited by the entire community, improved battery life , improved camera, on white balance and color contrast in the Bravia Engine.

The new version of firmware is the 10.1.1.A.1.253 and is still based on Android 4.1.2, bringing a significant number of improvements including better performance in general, white balance calibration and on screen virtual keys notification bar changed color to black (instead of gray).

One of the most important improvements made ​​by Sony in this update is that when you take one normal mode will capture the same quality as in burst mode, because until this version was in burst mode where catches were greater quality . With this new firmware Sony has gotten the same quality for all capture modes that can be used in the magnificent camera application that comes standard on the Xperia Z. Even now the camera application starts much faster, correcting the nearly four seconds it took previously.

Overall catches now contain more “noise” but giving the advantage that the photos remain even more detail than before. I show two separate shots so you can see the difference in how it looked a catch in normal mode and burst mode, having now the same quality for all existing modes . Great news for photo enthusiasts Xperia holders Z.

Other important improvements include LED notifications now work when stamina mode is activated and have a certain bugs rreglado Stamina Mode getting it fully functional and can be used as it should be to lengthen even more battery even Xperia Z.

After mention to, most importantly, the little things are improved among many others: the new option to calibrate the white balance on the screen , the default launcher is more fluid, a firmware update NFC, a new world clock widget and seems to solve the problem of disconnection late notifications and data.

No root available yet for this new version and in the coming hours or days will have to go out all versions for all countries.

Confirmed for multiple users is now available on Orange Spain from the application to desktop PC Companion

If you do not update out OTA or via PC Companion, and do not want to wait any longer, in HTCMania is a tutorial which teaches you step by step how to upgrade your Sony Xperia Z to any rom, you can read it from this link and downloading the firmware UK version from here . Remind you that you will lose everything you have in internal memory flashing your phone with the version linked here.

From here to give our most sincere congratulations to Sony for bringing this update to Xperia Z, loudly requested by the community and by solving most small problems that had the device, while improving most virtuous characteristics of this great terminal available such as the camera, Stamina Mode and the Bravia Engine.

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