Nanushka Back Cover for Galaxy S4

Once there was a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4, he was subjected to severe criticism about the design, and all because of the fact that he was very much like his older brother – Galaxy S3. But worry not worth it, because the back cover in this smartphone is removable, which means that it is easy enough to replace the other, more interesting.

Back Cover for Galaxy S4 with a very strange name «Nanushka»

For example, as did Sandra Sandor – Hungarian painter. She came up with the unusual design of the back cover Galaxy S4. Of course, such a design can not please everyone, but it’s a great idea. It is possible that in the future, there will be a different design. Such, quite specifically designed, rear cover for Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available in mid-September of this year at a price of $ 27 or 20 euros.