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Mozilla Firefox Tips And Tricks


Establish a minimum text size Mozilla Firefox 

The websites use different font types and sizes , as each developer includes in its configuration page that creates more successful, although this does not always coincide with what we consider optimal.

That is why Mozilla Firefox allows us to establish a minimum size text as follows:


  • Click the button menu and select Options .
  • Select the panel content .
  • Section types and colors , click Advanced .
  • In the dropdown menu Minimum font size , select the minimum size in pixels in which all text is displayed.
  • Accepts changes.


Keyboard shortcuts Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has different key combinations that allow us to perform the most common actions simply , these are called shortcuts.

Among the most usable, we find the following:

  • Spacebar: Lower the scroll of the page
  • Shift + Spacebar: Up the scroll of the page
  • Ctrl + F: Find words on the page
  • Alt + N: Search following words
  • Ctrl + D: Add to Favourites
  • Ctrl + T: New Tab
  • Ctrl + K: Go to the search bar
  • Ctrl + L: Go to the address bar
  • Ctrl + =: Increase text size
  • Ctrl + -: Decrease text size
  • Ctrl + W: Close tab
  • F5: Refresh
  • Alt + Home: Go to the home page

AutoComplete with .com, .net or .org

One of the lesser known tricks by users is the possibility that Firefox offers autocomplete the final Web page , as in this way, instead of writing rootear.com , you only need to write to root and you pressCtrl + Enter to We automatically add .com

Similarly we can use Shift + Enter for .net and Ctrl + Shift + Enter for .org

Navigate quickly between tabs

In addition to the keyboard shortcuts and combinations of auto, thanks to other key combinations we can quickly switch between tabs, without using the mouse.

Thus, we can use the following combinations:

  • Ctrl + Tab: Move tab.
  • Shft + Ctrl + Tab: Back tab.
  • Ctrl + 1-9: Jump to the selected tab.

Limit the use of RAM

Finally we will show you a trick that will allow us to gain in performance and prevent Mozilla Firefox RAM end to all of our team , and thanks to this configuration limit memory usage the application does.

To put this limit , we must:

  • Write in the address bar about: config
  • Search field browser.cache.disk.capacity
  • Lowering the value indicated to limit the use of memory (If you see that you’ve fallen too, you can upload it at any time from the same.
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