Motorola Moto X: the display will be an AMOLED?


After the first official images that would portray the long-awaited Motorola Moto X in black color and white would come via Twitter new rumors on your Android smartphone of the house winged. Ryan Matthews , on the world famous informant Android and Google , have released a tweet in which declare that the 4.5-inch HD display of the Moto X would be anAMOLED . Of course, nothing confirms this rumor

Although Ryan says he received this information from a very reliable source informed and really do not know if the display of the Moto X will be an AMOLED , since no explanations are given for these statements.

The choice of an AMOLED display should help battery life, also during the talk with his friend, Ryan Matthews would have pointed out that the display of the new HTC One is currently the best in the market.

We just have to wait for day August 1 for more details.