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Most Beautiful Concept Samsung Galaxy S5

The guys from MobiLeaks provide still excellent renderings of future devices and this time they have distinguished themselves – we saw not just a new concept, but the real classics, but in an unusual presentation. This is a completely new approach to render Samsung Galaxy S5. The design was very elegant and beautiful.

Most Beautiful Concept Samsung Galaxy S5

From what we can see, you can see that the device can be easily folded in half, to use your smartphone as a music player and at the same time is available for the convenience of a small rectangular secondary display on the back.Physical button has been moved to the top, right next to the fold, to make it easier. And now that we have seen before that the options that are folded in half, but horizontally, it is already present concept offers foldable display vertically.

Most Beautiful Concept Samsung Galaxy S5
Perhaps this is the most beautiful concept Samsung Galaxy S5 with folding screen

As you can see, the screen takes up the entire front of the smartphone from the right to the left edge and almost no frame. And, as we can see, there were only the Back and Menu. By the way, this concept Samsung Galaxy S5 is very, very thin, and probably has a flexible battery to make it easier to work with the device. 

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