Monsters University – adventure of monsters at the University

Monsters University is a very bright and colorful arcade game which was created based on the same cartoon. Frankly speaking, the similarities with the real story in this game is almost there, but it’s not the usual arcade, but rather a platform game in which you will see interesting adventures of Mike and his friend Sally

You will find a lot of tests, lots of interesting assignments and meetings with scary monsters. At the beginning of the game you control one Mike and trying to get to a certain point. A little later you will join Sally. Control it is not necessary, as it will repeat all the actions of his one-eyed friend. The transition to the new levels are almost negligible for the players. You only need to get to the iron gates, open them and get to the other side.

Monsters University Gameplay features

At a meeting with other monsters all the action has been taken over Mike. In the game there are no weapons, and violence is not the place, it’s monsters, but their main weapon – is fear. Mike deal with their opponents with a conventional cry. However, in order to produce the desired effect, it should come very close to the enemy, and only then to press the buttons for a wild cry. Close contact with other representatives from the world of monsters takes Mike health, and if you’re not very careful, our green friend very quickly glued fins. In addition to the obstacles and dangers in the game and there are bonuses, the meaning of which is to improve the well-being of our ward.

Management and graphics in the game Monsters University

Control of the game is very convenient, and it is so sensitive that even the Nokia X6 on the feeling that the game supports multi tuoch. Of course, no such support, since it may not be in Symbian 9.4, but, believe me, the experience of the management of the most that neither is positive. Despite the fact that the game is built on java-platform, it will delight you with excellent graphics and very high-quality animation. Even the characters who have no relation to the gameplay, look impressive and make the world alive.

The game looks like a great adventure and completely devoid of levels. Before each run, it asks whether you want to play or want to start over again. We tested the game Monsters University on Nokia N8, C6-01, C7-00, E7-00, E6, X7, 500, 603, 700, 701, 808

Monsters University (20.0 B, 514 downloads)

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