Microsoft Outlook app for Android (APK)


What’s new Microsoft Outlook app for Android

In version 1.2.8, Microsoft has its App donated many innovations. In addition to a speed improvement that accelerates mainly the launch of Outlook noticeably, even to create new e-mail has been revised. The folder navigation has been improved, spam and junk folder is available again. Moreover, when deleting messages in the Trash are now removed immediately.

Tip: The offered APK file you get the fastest on your smartphone or tablet by using our download page ( visit) directly on your device and the app then there Download. Alternatively, you can download the file and on the PC and then transferred to the device, for example with AirDroid or via a USB connection. Also, be aware that you must allow for installation on your smartphone applications from unknown sources.You can find this option if you access the settings and then “Security” change in the area.

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