MicroMaze And Micropool For Nokia Symbian Available On APPLIST


MICROPOOL is an award-winning pool simulator which offers a realistic atmosphere and a graphics and sound effects of good quality. The loading time extremely fast and practical and simple user interface make it an excellent companion for leisure. The game modes are available four (8-ball, 9-ball, Killer and Speed) with a choice of three different types of table and to adjust the power of the adversary choosing the one for beginner or pro.
MicroMaze is a “Labyrinth game” that will test your patience and precision. Instead, you must guide a ball within various complicated labyrinths simply tilting the smartphone. In his 80 levels divided into 6 worlds provides sophisticated graphics and a unique gameplay and realistic physics. And ‘ideal for killing time.
Both produced by the software house Botond FM compatible for all Symbian devices, from version 3rd Edition. If interested click the link to follow or look for them within APPLIST.

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