Mega Orient Phone: 6.5-inch And Quad-Core [VIDEO]

Mega OrientPhone

The trend of 2013 seems to be the smartphone with large display, so as to have coined the term phablet (a smartphone with 6-inch display and up).

Initially these devices, however, were very deficient from the point of view of software and hardware. Then, given the increasing demand, the major manufacturers (Samsung in particular) have well thought out strong point of this new category of smartphones.

Today, we present the Mega Orient Phone of Orient Deal.

It has a display FULL HD 6.5 “with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 px. The processor quad-core 1.5 GHz  allows the device to take advantage of 1 GB of RAM .

It has a dual camera, 13-megapixel rear and front 5 mpx .

Aesthetically it is very cute and well done. Measuring just 172.9 x 93.1 x 9.5 mm.

The Mega OrientPhone is available for just € 238.00 on .

We leave you with some videos showing the device in operation: