LifeProof offers a waterproof case for Galaxy S3

Brand LifeProof certainly familiar to anyone experienced Android-user. The company produces a long cases that stand out in many ways, but the most important is the fact that they stand the most severe conditions – they are waterproof, withstand dirt, snow blows. The problem was mostly just because of the fact that the cases are made only for the iPad and iPhone. Now the situation is changing.

LifeProof offers a waterproof case for Galaxy S3

LifeProof has announced that enters the market Android. In particular, the case for the already announced Galaxy S3. Although many would have expected the emergence of a protective case for Galaxy S4, but given the fact that today there is a huge army of people with the leader of last year, the issue disappears by itself. In any case, Galaxy S3 received a set of accessories new protective waterproof, shock-resistant case for all occasions.

In principle, in case of LifeProof reality can withstand all but the design are worth noting. Case is able to withstand any of the elements and at the same time it does not appear on it. It remains naked except that the front part, it has a screen Galaxy S3. But due to the fact that the case is sealed to the housing around the display, you can not be afraid to get wet for a smartphone. LifeProof called this technology Screen less Technology, the display when the sensor is protected from water, dust and dirt by a tight contact of the material around the perimeter of the case study. In other words, the smart phone is the first smartphone that meets the requirements of IP68, which means you can safely dive with a smartphone.

In fact, Galaxy S3 in a new case study will be able to withstand water depths of up to 2 meters for a period of not more than one hour. LifeProof also promises that nothing will happen to your smartphone, even if it falls from a height of 2 meters. Galaxy S3 is now not afraid to shock, drop and vibration. But at the same time and the price is appropriate – $ 89.99. Price is unknown, but the release date is not yet announced. Surely case for Galaxy S3 will be available after the announcement Case for iPhone 5, which will happen on July 7.