LG GJ Optimus waterproof


One of the strengths of the Sony Xperia Z is its resistance to water and dust, as we saw in the past MWC 2013. This kind of features like much in the Japanese market and Sony knows it. And also LG.

And is that the Korean manufacturer is preparing a new smartphone the LG Optimus GJ , a version of the successful LG Optimus G, but it will be waterproof. We even know the release date: on 22 May.

As for technical features appears to say that the LG Optimus GJ will have the same features as the LG Optimus G, so that we have a device with quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, but also meets the IPX7 protocol, which allows immerse the device one meter under water for 30 minutes.

the LG Optimus GJ come to the European market ? From LG did not give information about it but when you consider that the LG Optimus G Pro not reach Iberian lands, I doubt that this smartphone LG submersible land in our country.