Manage The Display Backlight With KeepItOn Nokia S60v5, Symbain^3

KeepItOn Nokia S60v5, Symbain^3
KeepItOn Nokia S60v5, Symbain^3

KeepItOn is a utility that keeps the display backlight active as long as the app is running, useful, for example, when reading a web page in the navigation or for messaging.

It can be set to start automatically and run in the background, and the backlight can be set to an infinite amount of time or for a set period .

In addition to the intensity of lighting you can choose to start the application when the phone is connected to the charger and only work when the battery is above a certain threshold.

Other functions are to be able to intervene on the system timeout, changing the amount of time the backlight, or associate KeepItOn to certain applications on the device so that it is active only when those particular applications are running.

KeepItOn is available for Symbian ^ 3, Anna and Belleand Symbian S60 5th edition , at a cost of 1 Euro by going to this page of the Nokia Store.