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Just.me comes to Android as an alternative to other messaging apps

There are a lot of instant messaging applications on Android. We all know the most famous, Whatsapp and Line, but there are many more, each with their own characteristics. So one might think that nobody could happen to launch a new to compete against these, but that’s exactly what happened with Just.me, a new app from the iOS ecosystem.


Just.me want to stand out from other apps, and has therefore decided to focus on the social possibilities . This allows several ways to communicate. For starters, we can have private conversations with another user. We can also create groups of people and talk with them, and finally, we can send our message publicly to everyone using the network itself Just.me. We can even send messages to those who are among our contact list but are not using the application.These messages have no character limit, and we can add multimedia content like photos, videos and voice messages.


The messages we write may be published at the same time on social networks like Facebook or Twitter , so we’re not limited to one’s own app network to carry our conversations where we want.For example, talking to a friend in a private conversation, and mentions one by Twitter to join the conversation. We can even do the opposite and absolutely mark messages as private, which serves to keep a diary. It can also be a substitute to other apps like Dropbox, since it is already stored in the cloud that had files on the network.

Just.me now available on Google Play, and is free.

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