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Instagraph for Nokia Lumia, the unofficial Instagram client

Nokia Lumia Instagraph only device Windows Phone 8 , is an unofficial Instagram client, with which we can access our account, upload and share our photos on Instagram, as well as to apply filters. But the application has not debuted on the right foot to say …

Nokia Lumia Instagraph has some problems and errors, despite being a bit face application, as they are currently limited the number of loads per day to 3 per user in order to ensure rapid publication time, share that claims to be increases or even eliminated by their developers.

But the problems do not end here, as they are cases where accounts are pictures that are from other users, which can be a big hassle, or even a rather embarrassing situation, or errors when trying to access the application. That said, it has debuted on the right foot, it may be advisable to wait for an update before buying.
Instagraph for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone available in Store for 2.49 euros.
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