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HTC One Mini vs. Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini GT-I9195

Today’s is about the minis from HTC and Samsung Electronics, we are talking about the HTC Mini One and Samsung GTI9195 Galaxy S 4 mini .


The HTC one mini comes with a 4.3inch display. The resolution is 1280 × 720 pixels, which is high definition and for a 109mm wide display more than enough. The technology used is liquid. While the black level is not better than the Galaxy S4 mini, but he otherwise too much to be desired. Moreover, the color rendering is realistic. The unique advantage of the display in HTC One Mini: For direct Solar radiation is the better readability. The  Galaxy mini S4 also has a 4.3inch display. The resolution is high definition with a quarter to 43.75% lower than in the HTC One mini. The result can be seen not only at the pixel densities, 341.54 to 256.15 ppi ppi, but in real life: The Mini One is sharper in presentation. The Galaxy mini S4 built-in display is based on an organic display. Samsung’s brand name is this: Super AMOLED.



Now the HTC One mini is a mini smartphone, this statement is very relative. Because in comparison to the big HTC One HTC One mini is a smaller version – only then it is a mini. What we’re saying: The HTC one mini is generally a great device. Is that it is very slim. Nevertheless, it is good and safe hands. One-handed operation is possible. The Galaxy S4 mini is about the same size as the current iPhone 5 from Apple. It is a handy, compact, lightweight, and thus these points better than the HTC one mini.


In terms of camera, both phones are different from each other: The HTC one mini features an ultra-Pixel Camera with 4-megapixel effective. But the emphasis is not on the resolution, which is important for large printing products, but the quality. HTC puts on a light-sensitive camera. At night, at dusk or low light the HTC One mini is better than the GT-I9195 Galaxy S 4 mini. Samsung Electronics on the other hand, a good and decent 8-megapixel camera, similar to the GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II Large characteristics did not they, but the quality is reasonable. Both smartphones have excellent camera with many applications in different settings. The HTC one mini can achieve with all its features Zoe more.


On the HTC One Mini Android Jelly Bean OS 4.2.2 works. The surface is 5th Sense The system includes a stream called flashing feed, loads of photos, videos, messages, status messages from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr. The surface is clean and intuitive. The look very decent. Even if it is in the eye of the beholder Sense 5 is appealing. The S4 Galaxy Mini also works with the latest version of Android: 4.2.2 OS Jelly Bean. Samsung also has an extensive interface called TouchWiz UX Nature at the start. The manufacturer offers plenty of room for customization. This is a strength compared to the HTC one mini. The system of Samsung we perceive as very extensive. For a normal user, it can sometimes be too much. The Qualcomm Snapdragon processors 400 series work in both smartphones. The Galaxy mini is the most powerful S4 MSM8930AB sitting with two Krait cores 300.In addition, the Samsung-child has a 1.5 GB memory. The One Mini featured only 1GB, which should be sufficient for ordinary use.


The One mini comes in a seamlessly continuous aluminum housing. It feels high-quality and solid.Available with a black-gray-white and silver casing of the HTC One mini is closed. Neither can replace the battery 1.800mAh, yet one can expand the 11GB big memory. In this area the Galaxy S4 mini is better: The back can take down, then you can expand the memory to 4.47 GB 64GB via microSDHC card. Even the 1.900mAh battery can be replaced by the user if it matters times. The S4 Galaxy Mini is available in white and black. The processing is in both versions of simple plastic.


GT-I9195 Galaxy S 4 mini features an infrared transmitter, mini HTC One the other hand, comes with stereo speakers

The HTC one mini has two speakers on the front page. HTC calls it boom sound. The whole system combines highly dynamic microphones, Beats Audio and Voice Sense. The sound from the phone is gigantic well. This is definitely a selling point for us. The S4 Galaxy mini is also a decent smartphone with many, many extras. A highlight of the Galaxy S4 Mini is that you can use it as a remote control, it has an infrared transmitter.


                               HTC One mini                                                             Galaxy S 4 mini 
OS Android OS 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Android OS 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Processor QSD400 200 1.4 GHz Dual Krait (MSM8930) QSD400 300 with 1.7 GHz Dual Krait (MSM8930AB)
RAM 1GB 1.5 GB
Memory 16GB (11GB free) 8GB (4.47 GB free)
Memory expansion not to 64GB via microSDHC
Display diagonal 4.3-inch 4.3-inch
Display resolution High Definition (= 1,280 × 720 pixels) qHD (960 × 540 pixels)
Pixel density 341ppi 256ppi
Technology Liquid crystal (SLCD2) organic (Samsung Super AMOLED)
Language On quad-band GSM, tri-band UMTS On quad band GSM, UMTS Quadband
Camera HTC Ultra pixels 8-megapixel camera
Battery 1.800mAh 1.900mAh
Dimension 132mm x 63mm x 9.2 mm at 128g 124mm x 61mm x 8.9 mm at 107g
Interfaces Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, HTC Connect, Wi-Fi Miracast Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, Samsung Link, NFC, Wi-Fi Miracast


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