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HTC One dual boot: switching between Android 4.3 and HTC Sense 5

Today is possible thanks to MoDaCo Switch , a tool-Dual Boot-enabling operating system change just by restarting the computer. In addition, the applications installed on the two versions are visible under custom system uproot you choose.

Since being put on sale version of the HTC Google Edition One, developers have sought ways to carry the ROM model sold in Google Play for “authentic” version, with HTC Sense 5 . They succeeded, but the steps to take are not task for anyone. The process requires advanced knowledge. Now, with the appearance of a patch – MoDaCo Switch-not only can enjoy Android 4.3 on the HTC Pure One, but also will start the phone in Android 4.3 or HTC Sense 5 .

Just a click

In testing phase, MoDaCo Switch tool works simply by pressing a button from the application launcher installed. Then a dialog appears offering two options: run the original version of Android or HTC Sense. Select and then follow the terminal will ask what system we want. After selecting the option, the computer restarts and runs the Android version ordered.HTC One with Modaco menu

Best of all is that any application that is installed on the execution of any of the two versions of system memory is always displayed in the “other phone” for terms of performance and functionality.

No more I leave you with a video in which you can see the difference both aesthetic and functional operating system versions. Recording also shows the starting time and the system response.

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