How To Unlock the bootloader HTC One X [Method HTCdev]


The method HTCdev only valid for  Bootloader HBOOT: 1.17.0006, 0008, 0011, 0012 and 1.18.0000 (and above)

How To find out what version of HBOOT:

>Turn off your phone
> Remove the battery and put it again
> press volume – and the power button at the same time.
This will give you access to HBOOT, and will show the version at the top

>HTCDEV method is only valid for today Terminals origin: Sensation (Arabic), Sensation (Bouygues FRA), Sensation (Europe), Sensation (SKT Korea), Sensation (TUR), Sensation (Vodafone), Sensation 4G ( T-Mobile U.S.)
>You need a computer with Linux, Mac or Windows.
>Make a backup of your important data, this clears forever, and may only be restored from a backup

> install the HTC Sync
> install the Java Runtime Environment
>install the Google Android SDK


>Go to the HTC Developer Portal page
>Sign up
>Once registered, click on the very bottom Unlock Bootloader
>Now you will see on the right a list of devices, select the Sensation model we have, “eg Sensation (EU)”. “Where else come from mobile, >select the appropriate”.
>Click Begin unlock Bootloader
>Now we will see a small screen that asks for our confirmation, click on Yes
>On the next screen you will little legal terms, we select the two boxes and click on proceded to Unlock Instruccions
>Now you will have a tutorial in English to continue the installation, and very detailed drawings.
>Before you must have three files listed in the section: What we need

  The Process 

Step 1 – Remove and reinsert the battery.

Step 2 – Press Volume – and Power button to enter the Bootloader.

Step 3 – Use the volume buttons to navigate the menu and the power button to accept.

Step 4 – Connect the Sensation to the computer via USB cable.

Step 5 – Create a new folder on your computer at C: and name it eg Android must place within these three files: adb.exe · · · fastboot AdbWinApi.dll . exe 
Note: For Mac OS X and Linux only need the adb and fastboot.

To get these files:

  • Run the ” SDK Manager.exe “located in C: \ Program Files \ Android \ android-sdk-windows \
Wait about 3 minutes. See that there are many packages that can be updated. Install Android SDK Platform Tools and Android SDK tools (SDK update if your version is r11). NOTE: You may need administrator rights: [right] and select “Run as Administrator” to get it to work.

Once installed, you can now get the files in the following directories.
To find the adb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll , search \ android-sdk-windows \ platform-tools
To find the fastboot.exe , search \ android-sdk-windows \ tools
For Mac OS X or Linux users must download the fastboot using the following links:
Fastboot OS X (Unzip the file before running) Size 59071 MD5 ed784e50cfcaba3c60380c5f448aa354
Fastboot Linux (Unzip the file before running) Size 61887 MD5 9851bb6ad29cd4b60c9ba9d011ba9efd

Step 6 – Open the command prompt. (Start> Run> type cmd ). The window that appears is called command prompt.

Step 7 – Go to the folder you just created, where you have placed the three files (For example: If you created the folder in C: \ Android, then type in the command prompt : cd c: \ Android ). Step 8

– Type in command prompt: fastboot OEM get_identifier_token .

Step 9 – In the command prompt one of the following images.

You will see one of the following two screens: Ref The 9th

Copy and paste this text from:
<<<< Identifier Token Start >>>> Up “Including both” <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>>

To copy text in the command prompt: Right click> Mark> highlight the block of text> click Copy) . Note: Only copy the highlighted string, do not copy any spaces or empty fields, or copy info or prefix ” Bootloader or INFO ”

Step 10 – Paste this string in the symbolic field of the web page and click Submit to receive your unlock code in a binary file. Example:

Step 11 – then immediately receive an email with the attachment: Unlock_code.bin
Save this file in the same folder as fastboot files (eg C: \ Android ).
If, after a short period of time, has not received the mail or you receive it without any attachment, may you have available to filter spam in email or anti-virus program is blocking you what.

Step 12 – In the command prompt type: fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
At the command prompt, you will see the following message:


Step 13

On the phone you will see the disclaimer.
Please read this carefully as this action may void the warranty.
Use the volume buttons to highlight your choice, and the power button to make your selection.
If you select Yes , the phone will return to the factory defaults erasing stored data, and the bootloader “bootloader” will unlock.
If you select No , the phone will restart and the changes will take place.

Your phone is already security-disabled! (Since this UNLOCKED)


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