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How to stop ads from your Galaxy S3

How to stop ads from your Galaxy S3

Currently the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the greatest exponent of smartphone technology. It’s fast, powerful and allows you to do virtually anything, whether playing, working or surfing the web with all Flash.

However, you may have noticed that certain applications and, in fact, certain websites are flooded with annoying ads, frankly, no one opens except by mistake. But if you have root access on your device you can take steps to get rid of them and concentrate on what really matters: the content.

If you have not changed the root directory of your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, follow our guide and get to work. If you already have, then just follow these simple steps to make your future free from advertising:

  1. Take your Samsung Galaxy S3
  2. Open ‘Google Play’
  3. Search ‘AdFree Android’
  4. Install the application
  5. Once installation is complete, open it
  6. Appear some squares
  7. Make sure “Check server for daily updates” is checked
  8. Check
  9. ue ‘Apply updates automatically “is checked
  10. Make sure ‘Use’ is marked
  11. Then click ‘Download and install servers’
  12. Wait for the application to execute the changes
  13. Reboot your device
  14. When turned on again, you will be an ad-free user
  15. Enjoy!

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