How To Solve One Plus 2 OTA updates Bug


Why the OTA updates do not work?

The reason for this failure OTA updates on some OnePlus Two is basically that these models have been manipulated without knowing the intentions, of the unofficial Chinese shops that sell them .

When our Phone detects a new update about 40MB, the download and try to install it we get a message failed upgrade installation , this is the indicator that tells us that our Phone has been modified in any way by the store we it has sold. Another sign would be to see if we have an old version of YouTube malfunctioning and let us not uninstall it because it is included in the system.

How to solve these problems?

Now that we know what happens to our beloved OnePlus Two, follow these steps to repair these errors.

First we download the latest firmware published by OnePlus , which leave at the end of the post. This firmware will have the latest version of Android 5.1.1 based oxygen lollipop completely cleanse our terminal tampering and also fixes vulnerabilities as Stagefright

and Certifi-Gate .

Once you have downloaded, you will see that we have a .zip file, the full ROM with the OTA update this ROM. Therefore the copy in the Downloads folder of OnePlus Two and turn off the phone. Once off switch on the Phone mode recovery by pressing the Vol – and Power and we get into the recoveryo riginal OnePlus, from here select the option Install from SD , look for the folder Download and select the original ROM of oxygen .                    [divider style=”solid” top=”0″ bottom=”0″]