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How To Root LG G4 Dual Sim


LG-G4-Dual-SIM-Price-in-India How To Root LG G4 Dual Sim

(I) Read, read, read! Read all. Do it twice. Make sure each step is understood. Make sure you have the USB correct drivers LG also
(II) To be on the safe side, I recommend 80% battery or more before attempting the following procedure.
(III) Download LG Root”, then unpack and open the content somewhere on your PC. For example
(IV) I take ZERO responsibility if you follow this guide and miss a step, a command and end up bricking your device.


STEP 1: Go to Settings> Security> Encryption. ** ** MAKE SURE Encryption is off. If you ever encrypted your phone before, do not worry and continue to step 2.

Step 2: Go to Settings> About phone> Software information, and tap build number until you are presented with “You are now a developer” .

If you’ve done it before – just exit back to the main screen settings; Developer options enable the USB debugging

STEP 3: Download the relevant system .IMG file to your phone (it’s compressed, so unpack it to your PC For example :. Desktop). It should not matter … but may I suggest downloading the file system you are using. If you are running on your H818P v10c,

I’d get v10c. H818P – v10c-root

H818P – v10d: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24052804347781803

H818P – v10e: https://drive.google.com /file/d/0B4p…ew?usp=sharing

H818N – v10d: http://pc.cd/2q0rtalK

STEP 4: Move the file “system.rooted.phonemodel.img” resulting to the root of the internal SD card your phone with the MTP mode. ** ** DO NOT rename this file or move it in all folders!

Step 5: Once this has been done, hang up normally and disconnect the PC. After LED stops flashing (OFF correctly), hold the VOLUME UP button and re-insert the USB cable from your PC to your phone. If done correctly, you should see the download so small fountain in the middle of the screen.

it will display another screen with text: FIRMWARE UPDATE (USB logo) a warning not to shut down and a status bar at 0%. Step 6: On a Windows PC, start a command prompt (Start> Run> cmd) and navigate to the content folder uncompressed LG Root step 3.

If you do not know how to execute the command or understand it ** ** stop here, as the wrong commands or lack of understanding / ignorance may hinder the process! (On my PC, the command line prompt after shipping to my unzipped folder looks like C: \ Users \ Roosta \ Desktop \ LG_Root \). Place this side window for a moment

STEP 7: Let’s check the COM port your phone is on. Find LG root tools that you downloaded in preparation. Go to the folder and double-click the file “ports.bat”. Look for the COM number that corresponds to “DIAG1”. ** Note / remember the COMM PORT number! ** Let’s assume that is COM4. Click on any key / output this window now …

STEP 8: Let’s continue now where we left off – following the STEP 7 (in the command window where we see something like this: C: \ Users \ Roosta \ Desktop \ LG_Root \) Here, copy / paste or type this command taking care to place the exado port number that the device is entered: Send_Command.exe \\ \ COM4.

Step 9: You should see Author: blog.lvu.kr and SPECIAL COMMAND: ENTER, LEAVE, followed two lines of a hashtag (#). If you are up to this point, type ID, and then press ENTER STEP 10: You must return some text starting with “uid = (0) gid = root (0) root”. Otherwise, press CTRL-C, and repeat step 8 again (Application sometimes does not respond the first command). If it worked for you, from here run the following command:

dd if = / data / media / 0 / system.rooted.H818P10D.img bs = 8192 count = seek = 55 296 529 920 of = / dev / block / mmcblk0

(copy / paste next to the # and press ENTER). NOTE: Just copy / paste the code CORRECT abaixo.Se from the list you have done this correctly, so you have pressed ENTER, you will see a blinking cursor, probably for a few minutes . Basically the image of the pre-rooted system you are blinking your phone is being written, so it may take a few minutes. When completed, you should see #. If you see it, you’re done! Write LEAVE and press ENTER. The phone should then restart … Once restarts and you would like to check, download ROOT CHECKER the Play store, run the application and check.


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