How to Root Android Phone With SuperOneClick


Before you go ahead with the steps, remember that you are hacking your phone at your own risk. There are no guarantees that this method will work for your device, and we are not responsible for any damage that arise from your following of the instructions in this guide. If you are willing to take the risks, go ahead and follow the instructions below.

How to root Android Phone whit SuperOneClick :

Step #1 : Download SuperOneClick
Step #2 : Remove SD card from your mobile phone.
Step#3 : Enable USB debugging mode in your mobile by going into phone settings>applications>development>enable USB debugging mode.
Step #4 : Now run SuperOneClick on your computer and plug your mobile to your computer.

run superoneclick

Step #5 : Now click on root button in SuperOneClick application on your computer and the process of rooting will start.

run superoneclick

Step #6 : It will give you several messages in the process, but you have to wait it says “success!” and then you are done.


Step #7 : After that you will be able to see a super-user icon in your mobiles menu.

run superoneclick

Step #8 : If not then repeat this process again because sometimes it causes issues but it will not harm anything.

it’s true easy to use SuperOneClick?, if there is problem! you can post comment bottom