How To Nexus 5x 6p unlock bootloader


Requirements To unlock Nexus 5x 6p bootloader :-.


  • Computer (operating systems: Windows , Linux , Mac )
  • Android Debug Bridge (ADB)
  • Fastboot


  • Open ” Settings
  • Go to ” About phone
  • Touch by tapping the ” Build Number “for 5 times
  • Returning to the main settings
  • Select ” Developer options “(Section appearance thanks to the previous steps)
  • Enable the switch ” Unlocking OEM
  • Enable the switch ” USB debugging “..
  • Now you are ready to connect your Google Nexus 5x / 6p to your computer, Windows, Linux or Mac that is. WARNING : You must ensure that the device is powered smartphone: you may be prompted to authorize the device to give access to ADB and Fastboot via USB cable .

    After connecting everything, open your prompt commands / terminal, and launched a request for identification device connected by ADB. The command in question is:

    • adb devices

    Nexus 5x and 6p

    If everything is set in the right way, you will get as output the serial number of the device connected to the PC.

    It is therefore necessary to reboot the phone into bootloader mode:

    • adb reboot-bootloader

    With smartphone into bootloader mode ADB it is no longer able to interact with the device: it is at this point that enters FastBoot . To ask the serial number of the connected device, the procedure is similar to what we saw before with ADB:

    • fastboot devices

    Nexus 5x and 6p

    If fastboot not give an output similar to the screenshot of Windows, most likely the problem lies in the USB driver ; Mac and Linux instead there should be no problem.

    Start the “critical”

    Until now the smartphone has not undergone any drastic change, but from here on begins the unlocking real bootloader .

    Here is the command key to unlock the bootloader:

    • fastboot flash unlock

    This command deletes all the content of the connected device and restores it to the default settings . It requires confirmation by the physical volume buttons of the smartphone itself.

    Then reboot with:

    • fastboot reboot

    Before removing the USB cable, and normally use your device, it should wait until completely erase and restart Android.

    The bootloader is now unlocked: this will allow you to flash even the unofficial firmware on your new smartphone LG Nexus 5x ( or Huawei Nexus 6p ).

    In case you want to go instead to lock the bootloader for security reasons, the command to run it:

    • fastboot flash lock

    I conclude by recalling that the unlocking of the bootloader can be an ‘ operation very dangerous if done carelessly and inattention; it can also expose you to more dangers and vulnerability surrounding the world of technology.