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How to disable the annoying advertising push notifications on Android


When we give an application permission to install Android , often acquiesce things that maybe we would not consent. It’s not easy to tell if an application needs what he wants, but usually do not usually use it for evil, so most times we can relax.

The problem is that some applications benefit from this need (as things that are required are necessary to work properly) and we can get to find discomfort with which we did not. It is sometimes used to make things really bad, but there are also, not being dangerous, if they arevery annoying .

Is the case with advertising push notifications or AirPush , one of the ways to make money using applications that do not charge for this itself, but from somewhere have to take. For those who are not familiar this little trick will come in handy somewhere targeted because you’ll face them sooner or later, and for those that have suffered come really well. The biggest problem with these reports is that they do not tell you what application created them, and therefore not always easy to identify what we uninstall to end them.

From Ice Cream Sandwich and now Jelly Bean can do a long press on any notification of the Android bar will open an option that we offer access to the application information . Pressing brings up the info on that application, it opens the link push notification, and this allows us to identify who we are sending this so annoying advertising.

Now we just have to uninstall the application in question and goodbye to notifications. A simple trick but good to have in mind in case. Another option is to use Ad Network Lookout Detecto r, we will take a cable locate where they come from unwanted notifications

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