how to activate and use remote access Google on your Android

how we can activate and start using this new service from Google. To use remote access Google all we need is an active Google account associated with the terminal in which we want to use this new functionality. Once we have done this we can start.

First we have to activate the service, to do within the menu settings will find the option Security where we have to select the directors of device . Once we accept this option selected and the device is now ready to allow remote access using Google’s Android.

Google Remote Access for Android devices and works in Spain.

Starting to use remote access Google

We have remote access enabled Google to Android in our device, so the next thing we have to do is go to the website of this link , from which will manage the service. The first thing we need to do here is enter our username and password and once done we will get a terminal screen that appears that we are using at the top. If in your case accounts with more than one Android device you’ve enabled remote access you can choose the one that you want to see without any problems.

Google Remote Access for Android devices and works in Spain.

Among the features that has remote access Google find these two: Sonar , which we mentioned earlier and which serves to blow the device at maximum volume and Delete device , option that leaves the device as if from factory erasing all information. No doubt, I would not hesitate to turn this option because it can help in the future in the event of lost or robbed us the device, even if we have to use it ever better.

It should be noted that although until now we could have a similar application developed by third parties, we can now make use of this remote access service without downloading any more and it is totally free and very easy to use, what more could you want?
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