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[Guide] Micromax A87 Ninja 4 Root

[Guide] Micromax A87 Ninja 4 Root cLD6a

1. Download jdk 32bit only from here, Android sdk from here, Unlock root from here, adb_usb.ini from here and A87 drivers from here.
2. Install jdk
3. install Android sdk, after installing open sdk manager form star and select “android sdk platform-tools” and “google usb driver” unselect the rest, click install packages. After installing put the adb_usb.ini file in “C:Users(your PC name).android”
4. Now on your phone goto settings>applications>development>enable usb debugging and connect usb cable, it should say usb debugging mode and show a little green android icon on the topleft (if not then reinsert cable or re enable usb debugging)
5. Windows will detect the device, let it stabilize then extract A87 drivers to a location say “C:/drivers”
6. Now goto start type “device manger” open device manager, you wil find “android adb interface” right click upgrade drivers and lead it to a location of your extracted drivers, do the same with other devices you get with an exclamation icon. (dont worry if you dont find other devices, its fine)
7. Install Unlock root, open it and click root, it wil ask for the device select micromax A87 and Your done !!!

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