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[Guide] How to use Samsung Galaxy Gear with Nexus 5


First of all be advised that if you do this procedure is under your own risk and we are not responsible for any malfunction or loss that may be.

  1. Download this APK on Nexus
  2. Download Manager 1.6.111801 Gear and rename the file APK to ZIP
  3. Open ZIP and head assets / preinstallapks
  4. Install each APK one by one ( music and weather will not be installed)
  5. Install APK Manager 1.6.111801 Gear
  6. Match the Galaxy Nexus and Gear, although it may take several attempts as both manual NFC
  7. Install ATNM anager 1.2.2
  8. Allows access ATNM anager Settings> Security> Access notifiaciones
  9. In ATNM anager choose to receive notifications Galaxy Gear

If everything went fairly well, the terminal correctly send notifications to smartwatch and safe S-Vocie and time, everything should work acceptably well. By now it has been confirmed that it works in this terminal, so it may work on others, so let loc ual under your responsibility.

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