[Guide] How to turn your Android smartphone into iOS 7


The guide is very easy to follow, requires no special skills or abilities and entails no risk to you. In short, with a few simple steps, you can completely transform Android into iOS 7. ‘s start

On Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets, there are really lots of programs that allow you to make different aspects of a device  similar to Android iOS , but definitely one of the most functional and effective is the  mini suite Espier . It is so many free programs that, when implemented together and configured correctly, can transform your Android smartphone into a fully iOS 7.

Of course, the functions will remain those of the Android operating system, but the center notifications, background, icons, launcher, and much more will be absolutely the same as those of Apple’s iOS 7.

If you also appreciate the new operating system that Apple has launched for iPhone, iPod and iPad and want to try to give a touch iOS id 7 on your Android smartphone, then this suite of programs is really perfect for turning Android into iOS 7.

This mini Espier Suite consists of:

  1. Espier Launcher 7
  2. Espier 7 Notification
  3. Espier Control Center 7
  4. Espier Dialer 7
  5. Espier Locker Screen 7

Through a few small programs, as we have said, it is possible to radically change the graphics of your Android smartphone to make it really identical to iOS 7 , as you can see directly from the image found at the beginning of article.

The final effect is really beautiful and amazing and allow you to be on Android graphics almost identical to that of the iPhone 5S with iOS 7.

As mentioned, all of these programs to transform Android into iOS 7 are free and downloadable from the Android Play Store. only drawback: the free versions have some limitations, such as the persistent advertising ads, which can be removed by purchasing the full version of the program.

Either way, this software suite is one of the best and most comprehensive Android to turn in iOS 7. Try it.