[Guide] How to Downgrade HBOOT HTC Evo 3D

Downgrade HBOOT HTC Evo 3D
Downgrade HBOOT HTC Evo 3D

[note color=”#73ff00″]Please Read and understand the Full Gudie before Performing Any Action.[/note]
[note color=”#f19e74″]Warning:- Use these instructions at your own risk. We will not be responsible for everything that happens to you or your device, resulting from the use of information in this guide.[/note]
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  • This tutorial is only for HTC Evo 3D.
  • Please do not use it on any other options smartphone or tablet.
  • Make sure that the drivers for your device are installed on the computer.
  • You need to enable USB debugging mode is disabled by default.
  • Your smartphone must have a 70-80% charge.
  • Make a backup copy of important data such as call logs, SMS and other data, it is to if something goes wrong, your data is not affected [/note]

Requirements to Downgrade HBOOT HTC Evo 3D :-

  1. A European official firmware HBOOT 1.49.0007 (rename the file to PG86IMG.zip) PG86IMG . zip
  2. Software XVI32 hex editor : XVI32 hex editor
  3. Having installed adb.exe and fastboot.exe. on pc: adb.rar
  4. Unlocked Bootloader You Can Use This Guide.
  5. Roote Access From Here.
  • Connect as the pc. “Charge Mode” only.
  • Extractadb.rar at the root of your hard drive C .
  • Open a Command Window and type the following.
  • cd c: adb adb shell dd if = / dev/block/mmcblk0p31 of = / mnt/sdcard/mmcblk0p31.img .
  • Do not close the “Command Window “And change Mode Of Phone To  SD card.
  • Unzip xvi32.rar and open mmcblk0p31.img.
  • Change in XVI32 version of 1.22.720.1 to 1.20.720.1 and save the file if the version is different change to 1.20.720.1 anyway.
  • Put this in the “Charge Modeonly..
  • Return to the “command window” and type this.
  •  adb shell dd if = / mnt/sdcard/mmcblk0p31.img of = / dev/block/mmcblk0p31 adb reboot bootloader
  • then to change the CID.
  • fastboot oem writecid HTC__001 Then to block the bootloader :fastboot oem lock .
  • Turn off and remove the battery and put file PG86IMG.zip to the root of the SD (by card reader).
  • Restart To. Bootloader Mode by holding down the Volume – button. and pressing Power .
  • flashes the file “PG86IMG.zip” will be alone when you have confirmed the update by pressing Volume +.
  • Here you have one. HBOOT 1.49.0007 
  •  Now it only remains to UNLOCK the bootloader here. htcdev.com and resume the procedure of S-Off Do not hesitate to leave your comments.