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Guide: How To Configure DELUXE SETTINGS Samsung SGS II

Hi below is the guide to configure Deluxe Setting for Samsung Galaxy S 2 [I9100]

Deluxe Settings v14.7 for Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3

Warning: The Steps  in this tutorial are risky.
Gadgetmodder.com And  the author of this tutorial are not responsible for any damage and brick.

you can download  Deluxe Setting for Samsung Galaxy S 2 here

You can control many new features and settings on your Samsung Galaxy S II [I9100].

Before you install DELUXE SETTINGS make a backup via cwm to restore and go back in case of problems. You must have root permission.

Deluxe Setting can be installed as a normal Android application. At first launch a list of seven setting are displayed:

Lock screen
• Status Bar
• Telephone Options dialog box
• Press the Back button long
• Home button double-click
• Miscellaneous
• About


1 2 3 4

Lock screen:

1. Circle (Stock Samsung)
2. Rotary (Android):
3. Sliding Tab (​​Android )
4. ICS: ICS MultiView – Support on Android to show the two shortcuts
5. JKay Deluxe customizable Tab
6. ICS JKay Deluxe customizable – Support on Android to display the five shortcuts

Deluxe Setting Lock screen: Screen Shots

download (1) download (2) download (3) download (4) download (5) download

Lock Screens
JKay Deluxe Tab and JKay Deluxe ICS can be set up with actions shortcuts to launch applications and settings from the lock screen.
Each screen can have specific options.
Currently Deluxe Circle have only two additional options.
Note: All lock screens have a common set of options described below.

JKay Tab Deluxe selected
6 actions shortcuts: left column 3, right column 3.


Open “Edit Action” for JKay AOSP Deluxe display 6 shortcuts.
Pressing one of the Theme : Display a list of all installed applications, select the application launched with the this  shortcut.


JKay Deluxe ICS Lock Screen

download (1) download

Open “Edit Action for ICS JKay Deluxe display 5 shortcuts.
Pressing one of the Them: Display a list of all installed applications on your sgs2 , select the application launched with the this shortcut.
Note: 10 additional shortcuts available

MODIFY the Commons actions “Set common options
For all screens locks: 4 default selections
download (1) download
Transparent status bar: the status bar will be semi-transparent when the lock screen is displayed.
Show wallpaper: wallpaper display selected on. lock screen.
Darker background: wallpaper will look darker. In this way, it is easier to read icons and
   text on the lock screen.
Vol. btns toggle sound: toggles between sound and vibration power on the lock screen.
   The lock screen must be enabled for these buttons work.
Long press home for flas : allows to enable or disable the flash lamp.
• Fast Unlock: lets do not press OK when entering Pin or password on the unlock screen


Edit quick settings panel (Quick Launch bar). Maximum 12 shortcuts
Select the shortcuts in the quick notification bar in the desired display order.
Shortcuts list:
Bluetooth, data, screen, GPS, flashlight, light, power off,
Airplane mode, Silent Mode, Safe Mode, do not disturb, recovery, restart Rotation, sound,
Synchronize, download, vibrate, Wifi, Wi – Fi Hotspot.
download (1) download (2) download
   To increase or decrease the brightness of the screen, you can drag your finger on the notification bar to the left or to the right.
• Support icon to activate and display in the notification at the top bar.
• Long press on icon for opening of the settings.

Deluxe Setting Set status bar options

download (1) download

download (1) download (2) download (3)


Deluxe Setting Set screen Time Out

download (4)





Edit phone options

download (1) download (2) download

Default : Liste des applications

Set misc options


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