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[Guide] How download mode for Galaxy S5 + Odin


Samsung Galaxy S 5, like all other smart phones Samsung, have boot mode (Download Mode), which allows you to reflash the device by connecting it to your computer. There is a very simple way to run on Galaxy S5 boot mode, however, you first need to know what could be the consequences of trying to install the “bad” files-if something goes wrong, then you will receive from the Smartphone to fit the “brick”
Boot mode is used mostly by Samsung. At the same time as other manufacturers use similar features, so that users can independently install firmware on their smartphones.
As we have already said, there is an easy way to enter download mode on the Samsung Galaxy S, but make sure that you select only those files that are specially created for him. If you want to install the firmware that was created by another device, the Smartphone can no longer try to revive themselves. Sometimes you may need to replace the motherboard.
If you have installed S5 Galaxy stock Android firmware, then enter into the download mode (Download Mode), you can:
Switch the unit off;
As soon as the Galaxy S5 turns off, press the Volume Down button at the same time, Home and Power button (for sound, the Home button and the power button);
As soon as the warning will be displayed on the screen, release all buttons;
Press the volume up button to enter download mode (Download Mode);
Now the device should boot into Download Mode.
If your Galaxy S 5 is narrower with root privileges and runs on custom firmware, then it is likely that find a way to download in the Download Mode, you can press the power button and select the desired option from the menu that appears.
After booting into boot mode, you need a program Odin if you dare main shopping streets and right Galaxy S5. You can download the Odin v 3.09 at us (link below), which is the latest version:
Odin3_v3.09.zip [972.43 Kb]
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