GPS Ruler v 1.01 Signed Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

By | Thursday, Oct 01 2015 9:50AM

First GPSRuler by Flowlight

GPSRuler by Flowlight Signed Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

GPS Ruler is a mileage calculating application, can figure out the length of 2 GPS points. measurement accuracy and GPS NAVIGATION positioning accuracy related. the table displays info such as: longitude, latitude, altitude, horizontal accuracy, vertical accuracy. the program can keep the recorded coordinates, anytime can read save coordinates to calculate range from the present area coordinates. distance is measured at least should be more than TEN metres.

gpsruler-flowlight-v-1-01-2-s60-v5-s.sisx (19.5 KiB, 97 downloads)