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Google Project Tango: revealed some interesting applications


The first app of Project Tango revealed by Google have managed to capture our attention, thanks to the first images.

We are talking about:

  • MeasureIt : app that allows you to measure distances
  • Constructor : with this application we can scan the rooms
  • Tangosaurs : virtual reality in the world of dinosaurs
  • Tango Village : app that shows all the details of tracking the movements of the device Tango
  • Tango Blaster : entertainment with fighting against the robots through a gun connected to the tablet
  • Break a Leg : app to become a wizard
  • Castle Defender : software to create a true virtual world
  • VRMT : app to create virtual experiences

Here are the first photos:

Unfortunately, in order to test these applications and many other services we will have to wait many months, in fact, currently only developers can test them.     

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