Google Play version 4.5.10 With Many New Features Download Apk


Apart from Android 4.4.1 KitKat , during the last hours Google has officially begun to update the application’s Play Store to the latest version 4.5.10 . This should lead to substantial changes and minor changes with regard to the reviews, the integration of Google+ and much more. In addition to all those who still have not received the update the ‘ APK is already available to download.

The first novelty of the Play Store 4.5.10 was introduced in the task assessments and downloads, which is now shown if the application contains content in-app purchase, or if it is totally free.

Another new feature is a new layout for the reviews, the ability to edit the comment, and also a larger space dedicated to the evaluation. Moreover, also with regard to the reviews, now our avatar will be shown in a circle to reflect more the integration of G+ .

Regarding the latter was added to the opportunity to make known to our circles our preferences on Play Store, in fact now in the feed will be shown our +1, our reviews and much more.

So many small innovations that we appreciate. In order to have this version of the Play Store can be downloaded manually using the following links: