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Google Play Store alternative markets


A couple of years ago we talked about some of the alternatives to Google Play , but today we wish to discuss the options we have, after two years of changes in the market and see what future have these alternatives with respect to giant Google Play.

Amazon App Store

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Let’s talk first of one of the most notorious: the market for Amazon,  Amazon App Store. This market competes with Google Play services, focusing primarily on the integration with the rest of Amazon and its Kindle devices, though any Android can install. What is most striking are the most aggressive deals  (like on Halloween last example ) having opposite Google Play.


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Aptoide is one of the most used by users who can not use Google Play . It is very similar to the market for Google to try to avoid the lack of Google Play, but it certainly has many fraudulent applications, so we must be very careful. But it has the advantage of management options for developers, also very similar to Google Play.

F-Droid Open Source

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F-Droid is a catalog of open source applications for android code.   It allows us to use or copy any software we meet him. It is therefore a great alternative to all employees of the Android community, including developers may Xposed modules. On the downside, it has no system reviews. Its use is, as expected, completely free, although donations system offers.


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This alternative presents an integrated community where we can find integrated forums , which makes it really interesting. Also provides a voting system and testing to prevent fraudulent apps and spam (all published apps are pre-tested).

APK Mirror

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APK Mirror is the perfect market for the very rushed . We say this because there is a market where we have a variety of applications, but it will have the latest updates on the most important applications have been updated to take no waiting time often that update takes to get to Google Play.


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GetJar is a perfect example of how a complete repository of free applications to download may be outdated . The platform supports multiple platforms other than Android, and has a reward system to get some paid apps for free. But as we have said, has a very outdated interface and gives the impression of a market that is not taking care of the user experience and adapt to it.

AndroidZoom , AppBrain and other

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AppBrain and AndroidZoom are two perfect examples of this type of markets. The markets of referrals  in these cases, we will have a full referral alternatives and QR codes, but ultimately we just redirected to Google Play , so it should not come to regard markets as such, but rather a site where you can find information (in my case). 

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