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Google Play Services 4.1 Multiplayer shift, Improved Battery, offline access and Drive


Multiplayer shift

Games will now support Google Play games turn based multiplayer as some classic RPG or strategy . Developers can take their games and make 2 to 8 players can participate in a single game, plan your turns and automatically share it with others.

Added to this, Google has created a small animation that you know you are registering and using Play Games. A dialog will appear each time a game makes use of Google Play Services.

Google Drive

This version 4.1 includes the new Play Services API Google Drive for Android, with it you can easily read and write files from Drive anywhere. Users can work offline and then those files will sync when connected to Internet . A vital to keep trying to convert Drive on our main hard drive step.

Google Mobile Ads

The Google Mobile Ads SDK now be used with DoubleClick for Publishers Search Ads for Mobile Apps and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Plus it can be used to establish the location criteria ads displayed , a tool that will be welcomed by most advertisers.

Integration with G+

And of course, G+. Now we can choose more easily from any application that we have added a contact on the social network. It has improved the auto also.

It has also solved some problems of excessive consumption of battery that had to have some services such as activated location.

We leave the link to the APK of Google Play Services 4.1 for those wanting to upgrade already. In the coming days we will be releasing Google slowly for all Android devices.

Download Google Play Services 4.1 (APK)

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