Gaming Galaxy test S4 vs iPhone 5 (iOS 7) [Video]

Today, we have more detailed hands-on review and comparison at the same time and the Galaxy S4 5 iPhone after upgrading iOS 7. This time will focus on Smartphone performance in games.

In this almost 28-minute video shows a variety of games ranging from gameplay demonstration of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. You will see a huge screen Galaxy S4 provides the best picture in the game, but you can think of that are not very different and Galaxy 2 Galaxy Note S3.

The strange thing is that in reviewing the reviewer says about how much better the iPhone 5 in the games before you have already said about the difference in the size of the screen. But it noted that there is no loss of frames on iPhone iOS 5 7 and how it best can see in the video below.

Which Smartphone do you think would be the best for gaming – Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5? You will see the result of the comparison in the games Need for Speed: Most Wanted in several other popular toys, however, it is impossible not to notice a difference in a game with such a large difference in the sizes of the screens.

It’s worth noting that prior to the last reviewer continues to talk about the best FPS on the iPhone compared to the Galaxy 5 S4, although if there is a difference, it is very difficult to see, but the brightness of the picture and the large size of the screen for some reason the comparison isn’t even mentioned.

I think most players would prefer a large display of Galaxy S4.