Game: Hippo Jump Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

hipo jump

Hippo Jump – this is another arcade toy for smartphones Nokia, running the operating system Symbian 9.4 and Symbian ^ 3 (Anna, Belle), made ​​in the style jumper. This, of course, not bouncing Dudler , but it does not claim to be the most popular toys, won millions of hearts in his time. Already one of the game’s title (and from the screenshots, too) it is clear that the main character in it is a hippopotamus. Yes, it is heavy and animal fat can also conquer the sky-high, especially when behind him spew flames of two fireworks or rockets on his feet anchored powerful springs. But first things first.

hipo jump

The first, and perhaps most important difference between this toy away from Doodle Jump is that at the time of the start you have three lives, and as long as you do not lose them all, you can not think of the grand total.Controlling the main character is only due to the accelerometer. The game does not even have any settings.You will not only climb higher and higher, but also to collect huge amount of bonuses that bring extra points or opportunities.


Cochlea can be destroyed by jumping on top of it is not, and thereby earn 150 extra points, but if you try to fly through it from below, the main character will throw off all the bells and whistles, whether home-made jet pack or a spring, and goodbye to one life. Of course, if the hippo is located in a translucent bubble, symbolizing protection, with his life did not happen, but there are no shields as often as we would like, but when it happens more often than you just fly past them.

Extra points in Hippo Jump

In addition to various devices in the game, there are other bonuses, making it possible to increase the player’s account. This is all kinds of berries and fruits. Collect as many as possible, and try to beat your record will be very difficult. The graphics in the game was pretty good, despite the fact that the toy is built on java-platform, and that’s what gives her the origin of the head, so it’s a slight twitch in control, creating a feeling that the accelerometer of your smartphone acquired hypersensitivity.
We tested the game Hippo Jump for Nokia N8, C6-01, C7-00, E7-00, E6, X7, 500, 603, 700, 701, 808, Nokia 5230, 5233, 5530, 5800 XpressMusic, C5-03, C6-00, N97, X6, Vivaz

Hippo Jump (0.0 B, 180 downloads)